Amuse Bouche

Art, Food & Libations in Charleston, SC

Dale & Christian on #sillyhatsaturday #mccradys #charleston  (at McCrady’s)
Pass out for 10 minutes & Louie will sleep in your nook! #frenchies #charleston
Fried rice & hummus at Butcher & Bee! Best stuff on the menu! @gregariousc will back me up here w/ my selections!  (at Butcher & Bee)
People are high fiving in the background because we’re that sofa-King awesome! Where is @misssarahjordan ?  (at Butcher & Bee)
Bam; that just happened! #jointhemillitia  (at Butcher & Bee)
Modern day Rosie the Riveter!   (at OLR)
The Daily Grind rocking The Mill! Great originals, cover of Cake’s version of #IWillSurvive tops! #staygrinding #jointhemillitia  (at The Mill)
Just so you know this Rick Astley tattoo exists!
Fun Fact for those “holier” than I: There are no accounts of Jesus (of Nazareth) calling someone a sinner in the Bible. Don’t let the bastards get you down my friends!

Good wine, good beer & a wonderful mixer! Copain is a well balanced red. Goose Island’s Matilda is a great American interpretation of a Belgium Beer. Finally, Belvoir’s Elderflower & Rose Lemonade is an excellent mixer to experiment with new cocktails for Spring!